June 15, 2024

Almost every Singaporean has received some type of education over their lifetime. We can all agree that having an experienced instructor assisting you with your learning journey, whether it be personal 1-to-1 tuition with a private tutor or group tuition at a tuition facility.

However, there is much more to it than simply succeeding at the topic at hand. This is especially true for Chinese, which is a challenging subject for most children to learn and master. So, without further ado, here are three reasons why sending your children to a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore would be advantageous.

Choosing the correct tutor is critical.

It’s more than just being a subject matter expert. Having a tutor that is skilled in their teaching approaches and has a love for the subject they are teaching may provide students with a vastly different experience. They will not only acquire the necessary skills and procedures to score well, but they will also have a prepared teacher to go above and beyond to ensure that the student understands and excels in what they are studying.

Creating a conducive learning environment.

It is more than simply learning the basics of the language; finding the ideal setting to learn the topic may sometimes play a significant role in whether youngsters like learning the language. Having enthusiastic tutors about what they teach may frequently convey this enthusiasm to the children’s learning. On the other hand, nothing is more complex than trudging through a tutor’s lectures who is sick of what they are teaching.

Having friends who are similarly intelligent and passionate about their studies may provide a wonderful atmosphere for your child to learn from one another, pushing and inspiring one another as they support one another along the way.

Receiving positive reinforcement for Chinese proficiency.

Students sometimes hate learning Chinese because they assume it is a difficult subject to master. This is frequently reinforced by their own self-belief and self-doubt since their friends frequently criticise and discourage them from succeeding in this topic. This is when having a teacher who can see a student’s accomplishment comes in handy.

Students placed in an atmosphere where they know they can score and thrive frequently improve rapidly and with a solid foundation. Sure, students learn tips and tactics for scoring particular areas of their Chinese test, but creating a good foundation in Chinese comes from grasping the fundamentals and expanding on what they know and where they are one step at a time. Experienced instructors will then demonstrate a student’s progress in acquiring these abilities, supporting their confidence in learning more, conquering more complex problems, and mastering more intricate courses in the future.


Chinese tutoring has a negative reputation since students have to ‘get out of the way’ to do well in their examinations. However, O level and PSLE Chinese lessons are considerably more than that. Dedicated teachers have seen many children flourish and graduate, and we aim to make a difference in your child’s learning path as well.