April 22, 2024

The world has become digital and evolved as a result of the rise and advancement of science and technology, which has left behind the traditional and manual ways of working. Digital technology is used to operate and work in all professional fields. And the same is true of our educational system. Regularly released technological innovations and apps sparked the development of online education, or virtual teaching and learning.

Online education is gaining popularity among teachers and students due to its many advantages, including comfort, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to additional learning resources. Live classes are the most popular type of online education. This means that real-time interactions for educational purposes can occur when teachers and students connect at the same time. Let’s talk about the advantages of live online classes for students.

  • The gap between the Demand and Supply for Good Teachers

There is a 2 million teacher shortfall in India, where over 30 crore pupils are participating in various learning activities. This is a definite demand and supply gap that online live classes may effectively close.

Therefore, to reach the greatest number of students possible, teachers who are aware of this gap are attempting to take advantage of this mostly untapped market by holding live lessons. On the other side, a lot of students are aware that there aren’t many excellent teachers out there, so they search for alternative learning opportunities like live online classes or online tutoring, where they can discover excellent instructors and course materials.

  • interactive learning online

Because they are participatory, live classes are the greatest option for e-learning. Although watching recorded video lectures is a useful tool for reviewing ideas and material, learning happens when the teacher and the student interact.Learning is more effective when the students are completely involved. Additionally, live classes offer the chance for online group discussions, which encourages student participation in the learning process.

  • Plug and Play

In terms of technology Conducting live classes is simple. At the aid of specialised software, a laptop, and a functional internet connection, a teacher can start teaching live and online using online teaching platforms with the press of a button. This would greatly facilitate the expansion of live, interactive online classes. Few teachers stream live classes on YouTube, but the format doesn’t provide for a focused, organized, or immersive learning environment.

  • The safe and comfortable learning environment

They can pick the tutors and class times that work for them with online learning and live classes, but more importantly, they can learn in the comfort of their own homes.

  • A greater interest in learning

When they choose to learn independently in an asynchronous online course. There is a sense of loneliness or seclusion. Procrastination and lack of interest are more likely when there isn’t a learning partner and live interaction. However, this is no longer an issue thanks to online live classes. Students are more engaged in learning and attending lessons when teachers are present, there is an opportunity for one-on-one engagement, and batchmates are kept in touch.