June 15, 2024

We’ve all heard stories of Instagrammers buying followers to artificially boost their numbers. Typically, these are “fake” followers made by bots or click farms. They might help pad your follower count, but not engage with your content. Fake followers tend to have these traits.

  • Zero to very few posts
  • No profile photo or generic image
  • Random mix of content interests
  • No followers or following very few accounts
  • Often recently created accounts

While they might make your stats look good on paper, fake followers won’t like your posts, comment, or help you build an actual audience. Their lifeless accounts clutter up your follower list rather than contributing value.

Famoid difference

Famoid takes a completely different approach to gaining Instagram followers. Rather than bots or dubious sources, Famoid leverages a network of over 134 million real Instagram users. When you buy Famoid followers, you get exposure to active accounts that follow similar profiles to yours. The key advantages Famoid followers have over fake, bot-generated followers include.

  • Real people, real engagement – Every Famoid follower belongs to an actual Instagram user. There are no fake accounts or bots in play. Famoid users are real people genuinely interested in accounts like yours. This means they actively engage at industry-leading rates for purchased followers.
  • Targeted followers – Famoid doesn’t simply take a spray-and-pray approach. They target potential followers based on your Instagram niche and who they follow. It means the followers you gain will already have an interest in accounts similar to yours. Targeting ensures relevance over random growth.
  • Gradual yet consistent growth – Avoid follower spikes that can trigger Instagram shadowbanning. Famoid distributes follower delivery over days and weeks. This promotes consistent yet community-level growth for natural-looking stats.
  • 100% safe – Famoid never compromises user security. Passwords are not required, and all services strictly follow Instagram’s terms of use. Buy followers risk-free.

Evaluating famoid followers

Follower Profiles – As we learned earlier, fake followers tend to have spotty, incomplete profiles attached to their accounts. In contrast, details show that Famoid accounts belong to real Instagram users.

  • Complete bio sections filled out
  • Profile photos of actual people
  • Varied profile content

These are all indicators of genuine Instagram users rather than quickly spawned bot accounts. In comparison, scanning Famoid followers shows,

  • Multiple original posts
  • Use of Instagram stories/live
  • Captions and comments on posts
  • Engagement with other accounts

These behaviors reflect real Instagram use rather than fake accounts designed for numbers alone.

Engagement rates

The ultimate test of followers is their engagement with your Instagram content. Fake accounts add zero value in terms of likes, comments, and shares. Meanwhile, Instagram Followers from Famoid actively engage at industry-leading rates. This outperforms average engagement rates on organic Instagram.

  • Like rate – 16%
  • Comment rate – 6%
  • Story view rate – 26%

These benchmarks confirm that Famoid’s network generates more follower engagement than standard Instagram. Combined with Famoid’s targeting options, you receive an account-specific boost over models focused purely on growth.