September 27, 2023

Educational teleconference during coronavirus pandemic

The mentor and mentees must be aware of various basic practices in a mentoring organization. These practices will ensure that your mentorship programs help you to establish a successful business in the competitive marketing business environment.

For any new business set-ups, companies must be informed about the specific points that will act as their foundation. You need to guide both your mentors and mentees through setting meetings from various virtual mentoring conferences and sessions.

The mentorship session will allow you to understand the company’s position and level in the market scenarios. Virtual mentoring can become an excellent platform if well versed with specific needs.

Here are a few points that people should keep in their mind before proceeding with the mentoring organization. These are simple points but effective for better employee retention, growth in employees, long-standing of the business, and higher company prosperity.

Have a Clear Aim

  • As we know, any business has a goal that the entire institution works together to establish.
  • Your company’s purpose should be crystal clear for any successful business. It will help you to carry forward the industry at a fantastic rate.
  • When you confuse yourself with several goals, it becomes challenging to have control of your mind which automatically disturbs your overall efforts.
  • Every business company must have one central aim they target.
  • Based on the main aim, organizations should extract other small goals that are inevitably directed toward the significant objective.

Be Realistic and Establish Expectations

  • As an owner of a mentoring organization, you need to understand what should be expected from the company.
  • Be clear, accurate, and true to yourself, and don’t let false expectations ruin your success.
  • When mentorship is viewed, both the mentor and mentee should have a clear sight and never let their expectation build in their mind. There is no tomorrow, so be straight about the things you have in mind.
  • While communicating, mentors and mentees should be open about what they expect from each other.
  • Through clearly stated thoughts, people have no chances of miscommunication, and their goals are met way faster.
  • Maintaining fluent and goal-worthy communication is a bit difficult because it is based on an online platform.
  • The mentor and mentee can discuss the timing, topic, and things to do. It will automatically decrease the wastage of time and unproductivity.

Proper Usage of Technology and Software

  • Technology and advancement are one of the best merits that the world has witnessed.
  • You can make the best software with great designs to attract more customers.
  • These technologies allow you to create software which is thus used to create various tools.
  • The tools generally comprise a calendar, chat box, query box, calling, and video conferencing options.
  • It can enhance the company’s overall image and have flowy interactions between the participants.
  • Hence, properly using these sources can provide the best results for fruitful business.


  • Business is all about being productive and active throughout.
  • Never miss any chance to participate in events providing knowledge and skills.
  • Be a great seeker and try to grasp every drop of information at any point and anywhere.
  • Never be late to meetings or miss any, as it will hamper and make others former you.
  • It would help if you respected feelings being both a mentor and mentee for the organization to accomplish its goals.

Drawing Your Lines

  • Adding to the list of practices, you must keep the margins in mind. Every relationship needs trust, loyalty, understanding, and equally essential boundaries.
  • The restrictions should be respected to have a virtuous mentorship program.
  • They should be very open about their comfort levels and conduct meetings accordingly.
  • It can lead to toxicity in the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • As mentoring programs deal with both professional and personal levels, mentors and mentees can put their points against each other openly.
  • As personal struggles can be shared and discussed with each other, they should learn their limitations and shall not exceed those lines in any condition.

Feedbacks are your best friend.

  • Every business’s success is judged by the feedback and remarks it receives from its customers. As an enterprise, its central objective is customer satisfaction.
  • Mentoring companies have various tools to collect data and feedback from mentors and mentees.
  • It can be either in the form of surveys or simple comments. Some organizations create devices that allow you to rate the overall session and even show your engagement level.
  • It would aid if you had a tool for accepting this feedback, as it serves a very significant role.

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